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Care for and protect your dog's pads to keep them in their best condition. Using a pad repair cream will help keep them in optimal condition.

Dog paw cream: care and protection for furry paws

The pads of the
Dogs require care and protection to keep them in optimal condition,
Identifying problems in them is essential to provide treatment

For this, there are recommended products, such as creams and
natural balms that hydrate, nourish and protect the pads.

In addition, it is important to protect the legs from temperatures
extremes and avoid walking on surfaces that could damage them, but all
We know what our furry friends enjoy running in the snow, chasing
a bug in the countryside or simply walking around the city in August.

Balm pads dog

Dogs' pads are an important part of their
anatomy that requires proper care and protection to maintain its health and

Here you will find information about why it is important to care
your dog's pads, tips to prevent damage and how to identify
posible problems.

Why is it important to take care of dogs' pads?

Pads are the soles of dogs' feet and
They perform various functions, such as providing cushioning and traction to the

By properly caring for your pads, you can prevent them from becoming
crack, dry out or become injured, plus good care of the pads
promotes your dog's comfort and mobility.

Tips to prevent damage to the pads

Prevent your dog from walking
on hot surfaces, such as asphalt on sunny days, since
can cause burns.

Protect the pads
from extreme cold, as they can crack and become irritated.

Make sure the nails
of your dog are well trimmed to prevent them from getting caught in the

Inspect regularly
Check the pads for small cuts or abrasions, and keep them

Provide your dog
a balanced and nutritious diet, as this contributes to the
overall health of the pads.

How to Identify Problems in Your Dog's Pads

It is important to watch for any signs of pain, lameness or
Visible changes in your dog's pads. Some signs of possible
Problems include redness, swelling, cracks, visible wounds, or

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is advisable to go to the
veterinarian for proper evaluation and appropriate treatment.

Recommended Pad Care Products

Dog paws are a sensitive part and
vulnerable of your body, so it is essential to have products
suitable for their care and protection. In this section, you will learn about creams and
natural balms that are recommended for the maintenance and well-being of
the pads of your furry beloved.

Creams and balms
natural for pads

There is a wide range of creams and balms on the market.
Specially formulated to care for dog pads.

These products are made with natural ingredients,
such as beeswax, essential oils, aloe vera, shea butter and vitamin
E, which provide hydration, nutrition and protection to the legs.

These products have soothing, healing properties
and repair pads that help prevent and treat possible damage to the pads
of your dog. Thanks to their natural formulation, they are safe and do not cause
irritation to your pet's delicate skin.

Some popular brands of these creams and balms include
Doxel, Animigo, MENFORSAN, Paw Nectar, Belly, Trixie, PETUCHI, MAIKAI, DISANE,
Dulàc, Beaphar, DELARA, Artero Dfender and The Healthy Dog Co.

Recommended ingredients in creams and balms

Bee wax:
Provides a layer of protection and helps moisturize the pads.

Essential oils: how
rosehip, calendula or lavender, have regenerating properties
and healing.

Aloe vera: offers
soothing properties and helps relieve possible irritations.

Shea butter: nourishes
in depth and prevents dryness of the pads.

Vitamin E: contributes to
skin health and promotes wound healing.

Popular Brands of Pad Creams and Balms





Paw Nectar









Artero Dfender

The Healthy Dog Co

How to properly apply the cream to the dog's paws

The correct application of the cream on the dog's pads
is crucial to obtain the best results, before applying it, make sure
to have clean and dry paws.

Then, take a small amount of cream and massage gently
the pads, making sure to cover the entire area.

It is advisable to apply the cream at night, so that your
furry do not walk immediately after and allow the product to absorb

In addition, it is important to prevent him from licking his paws while
cream is in the process of absorption.

Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions and consult with
your trusted veterinarian if you have any questions or if your dog presents
problems with your pads.

Additional care for dog pads

Protection against
extreme temperatures

It is essential to protect dogs' delicate paws
of extreme temperatures. During the summer months, we must avoid
walk on hot surfaces such as asphalt or sand, as they can
suffer painful burns on the paws.

In winter, the cold can cause cracking and discomfort in
the pads, so it is advisable to provide them with footwear
suitable to protect them from cold and humidity.

How to clean wounds or
pad abrasions

Dogs' paw pads can sometimes suffer from
wounds or abrasions. It is important to regularly review these areas and
keep them clean to prevent infections.

In case of minor injuries, it is recommended to gently clean the area
with warm water and mild soap. It is advisable to apply a suitable antiseptic
and cover the wound with a sterile bandage to facilitate healing.

Surfaces you should
avoid so as not to damage the pads

There are certain surfaces that we should avoid to protect the
pads of our dogs. The hot pavement, the rough sidewalks, the
surfaces with glass debris and even sharp stones can
cause damage and injuries to the sensitive paws of our furry companions.

It is important to keep our dogs away from these
surfaces and choose to walk in safe, soft areas, such as grass or
trails suitable for them.

Other products related to dog care

In this section, we will explore different products that
They contribute to the general well-being of our beloved dogs. We will discover the
importance of proper nutrition, coat care and fun
provided by accessories and toys. Let's see more details at

Proper nutrition
for the well-being of the paws

Food is essential to maintain our dogs
healthy and energetic. Opt for recommended wet food brands, such as
Royal Canin, Acana, Hill's and Taste of the Wild, guarantee the intake of
essential nutrients for their development.

Additionally, there are options
of veterinary diets that adapt to special needs, such as problems
weight or food allergies.

It is important to highlight the benefits of a diet
natural for dogs. Opt for grain-free, hypoallergenic and
Natural foods can help improve your digestion and satisfy your needs.
specific foods.

And much better if you follow a natural or Barf diet.

Shampoos and care
dogs fur

Coat care is essential to maintain our
dogs with a healthy and clean appearance.

There are special shampoos and recommended products that not only
They clean, but nourish and protect the skin and hair of our pets.

These products, like
from the Zona Dog Copenhagen and Zona Eqdog brands, are designed for different
types of coats and specific needs.

Accessories and toys
for the general well-being of the dog

In addition to proper nutrition and coat care,
Our dogs also need stimulation and fun.

Accessories and toys are a great way to
keep them entertained and exercise their mind and body. We will find a
wide variety of options, from harnesses and collars/leashes to
boots/footwear, clothing and equipment, all designed with your comfort and

Among the accessories,
We highlight the harnesses, which provide greater control and comfort to the
walk our dogs.

Collars and leashes
They are also essential to guarantee security during

To protect their paws
from different weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold,
we can find boots and suitable footwear.

Clothing and equipment
Additional equipment, such as reflective or waterproof vests, may also be
useful in different situations.

Furthermore, we cannot forget the toys, which help
satisfy our dogs' instinct to play and chew. from balls
and ropes to interactive and mental stimulation toys, the variety is
wide and adapts to the different sizes and ages of our pets.

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Your dog's paws are in good condition.

recommended in creams and balms

Beeswax: Forms a
protective layer on the pads.

Essential oils:
They provide hydration and soothe the skin.

Aloe vera: Has
regenerative and healing properties.

Shea butter: Nourishes
and softens the pads.

Vitamin E: Helps in
repair damaged skin.

These natural ingredients ensure that the cream or balm is
Safe for your dog and provide the care their paws need.

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