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Anti-chafing cream 250 ml - Badana Cream Suitable for women and men

Anti-chafing cream 250 ml - Badana Cream Suitable for women and men

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🚴‍♀️ ANTI-FRACTION CREAM: An ANTI-FRICTION cream suitable for sports such as cycling, trekking, marathon or simply for daily use. Free of menthol, hormones and petroleum derivatives (Vaseline).

🤩CONCENTRATION AND UNIQUE TEXTURE: The anti-chafing cream is highly concentrated, so 250 ml is equivalent to 500 ml in a creamy texture. Due to its base of natural waxes, it can become almost solid depending on the temperature. For application, it is recommended to massage a small amount in your hand until it becomes more liquid and then apply to the desired area on the skin. This texture is maintained to adapt to the body temperature and ensure its effectiveness.

🙀HEMP OIL, OUR STAR INGREDIENT: We use hemp oil for its high moisturizing, lubricating and soothing power. In addition, we incorporate a combination of totally natural essential oils to obtain a high-end cream.

🏥 DO YOU SUFFER FROM INFECTIONS, IRRITATIONS OR GRAINS?: Thanks to the natural components and their properties such as rosemary, cypress and lavender oil, our cream will help you avoid these discomforts.

🧐 DO YOU SUFFER FROM CHES ON THIGHS OR HEELS?: You can use the chafing cream on any part of the body where you suffer from chafing. If you use it daily, you will enhance its effect by hydrating the skin.

It allows body sweating and hydrates the area, thus avoiding wounds due to localized dryness.

It can be used in the chamois area, feet, thighs and any part of the body that may suffer from chafing.

Semi-solid 250ml format, highly concentrated, equivalent to 500ml.

Suitable for girls: Without menthol, hormones or petroleum derivatives (Vaseline)


Migou Bcn anti-friction cream is almost solid at room temperature, it looks like a wax.

This is so that once in contact with body temperature it acquires the ideal consistency.

You have to extract a portion of the cream and massage it in your hand so that it acquires the correct texture. Once it has the ideal texture, we can apply it to the desired area.

It is normal to see solid remains of cream on the chamois at the end of the activity, since it has different densities designed to not be absorbed by the fabric of the chamois and thus prolong its effectiveness.

It is advisable to apply the cream directly to the skin for normal and intensive uses, only in case of very extreme routes should it be applied to the skin and on the chamois.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Para mi la mejor

La mejor crema de badana que he usado y sigo usando! Sou ciclista de 12.000km anuales y me la pongo a diario. Genial

Crema de badana

Muy recomendable

David Moreno Fenutría
Perfecta para salidas de muchas horas

Hace muchos meses que la utilizo y va genial.
No he vuelto a tener problemas de rozaduras ni acné en la zona de aplicación.

Jero Mora

Crema antirozaduras 250 ml - Crema Badana Apta mujer y hombre

Israel Sardino Trasobares

Crema antirozaduras 250 ml - Crema Badana Apta mujer y hombre