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Cold effect gel with collagen, amino acids and vitamins

Cold effect gel with collagen, amino acids and vitamins

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Ingredients Migou bcn cold effect cream

wintergreen oil

It is an oil widely used among athletes for being able to warm up the muscle and relax it. Relieves all types of muscle pain, cramps and contractures, as well as joint problems, tendonitis or low back pain. It is widely used in cream for tired legs, cream for muscle and joint pain and creams for muscle contracture.

Cream with Arnica

Arnica extract in creams is used for its anti-inflammatory properties, it stimulates circulation by promoting irrigation and has an anti-cellulite effect. This activity is reinforced by its venotonic and vasoprotective properties. Many creams for muscle pain use arnica extract in their composition for these properties. Using a pure arnica cream is a safe bet in creams for very strong muscle pain.

Rusco Extract

Ruscus extract stands out for its anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive properties, which is why it is recommended to use it in cream for tired legs and feet, gel for tired legs and other body parts. Toning, refreshing, anti-irritant, astringent, vasoprotective, antiphlogistic and anti-exudative effects are attributed to it.

fucus algae extract

It has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-edema and antimicrobial properties. It is used in the production of anti-aging products or anti-cellulite creams. Products such as anti-inflammatory muscle cream are also made, as well as for edema.

hemp oil

Hemp oil contains up to 90% polyunsaturated acids, vitamins E, phytosterols and minerals. It is ideal for very dry and mature skin due to its regenerative and antioxidant power. Its anti-inflammatory effect helps in dermatological diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. It is a dry touch oil that is absorbed quickly. We have added it not for its properties as a cream for muscle pain but to take care of the skin.

Amino acid complex

These amino acids act at different levels, both in the skin and in the muscle or joints:

  • They form a film on the skin surface that prevents water loss, keeping the skin hydrated.
  • They provide nutrients to cellular tissues so they can develop, maintain and repair themselves.
  • These amino acids help synthesize proteins to perform these functions, being a source of energy supply for the muscle.
  • They stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts to synthesize elastin and collagen fibers, thus keeping the skin elastic and firm, in addition to preventing aging.

Hydrolyzed collagen

Over time, the ability to synthesize collagen fibers decreases and this causes the typical signs of skin aging. Hydrolyzed collagen penetrates more easily, increasing the softness and elasticity of the skin by helping to support the extracellular matrix.


Menthol has refreshing and decongestant properties. It stimulates the skin receptors, generating a pleasant sensation of cold. In addition, it causes a slight numbness on the skin that relieves itching and muscle or joint pain.

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perfecto para dias de salida te relaja las piernas y te quita las piernas cansadas va genial muy contento con la compra

Rafael Ramos Romero
Crema para el trasero!!

Por ahora, muy bien. La he usado en 4 salidas y va perfecta 🤩