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Anti-puncture Liquid 1000 ml

Anti-puncture Liquid 1000 ml

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1 liter savings format

Blend of natural latex for a faster seal and synthetic latex for durability inside the wheel.

If you are one of those who train hard every week or have several bicycles, the 1L format is perfect since you will always be able to have the bicycle wheels with the perfect amount of liquid.

Does not damage tires:

Improved formula to not damage the interior of the tire while having a high sealing and repairing power for larger holes.

Repairs and seals the hole effectively to lose a minimum of air caused by the puncture. 

Liquid designed to plug the vast majority of punctures both in the mountains and on the road.

Tubeless Bike Anti-Puncture Fluid is the ultimate solution to keep your tires puncture-free during your cycling adventures.

Designed especially for tubeless systems, this fluid offers reliable protection that will allow you to enjoy your rides without worries.

Main Features:

  • High Quality Protection: Our anti-puncture fluid has been developed with an advanced formula that effectively seals small holes and punctures in your tubeless tires, preventing you from losing pressure and being stranded in the middle of your ride.
  • Long-lasting Performance: This fluid has been designed to offer long life, keeping your wheels protected for miles and miles of travel. Forget about frequent punctures and focus on enjoying your routes to the fullest.
  • Easy Application: With our anti-puncture liquid, installation is quick and simple. You only need to remove the valve from the tire, add the fluid and replace the valve. Ready! You will be prepared to face any terrain without worrying about punctures.
  • Versatility: This fluid is compatible with all types of bicycles, whether mountain, road or hybrid. No matter the terrain or conditions, our anti-puncture fluid will keep your tires protected in any situation.
  • Presentation in 1L Format: Our 1 liter bottle ensures a generous supply of anti-puncture liquid to cover all your needs. Don't be left without protection, make sure you have enough fluid for your cycling adventures.

Don't let punctures ruin your bike rides. Protect your tires and enjoy the peace of mind of riding without worries with our Tubeless Anti-Puncture Fluid for Bicycle. Place your order now and discover a new way to pedal with confidence!

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Líquido Antipinchazos 1000 ml


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