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Biodegradable dry lubricant with Graphene - 130ml

Biodegradable dry lubricant with Graphene - 130ml

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Your Ally for Cycling on Dry Terrain

Are you looking for a bicycle chain lubricant that not only takes care of your equipment, but also the environment? Discover our Biodegradable Lubricant with Graphene, specially designed for dry terrain, which becomes your perfect companion on every bicycle ride.

🌱 Committed to the Planet

Our biodegradable lubricant is made from vegetable oils and is the result of the most advanced technology in bicycle care and respect for the environment. A formula that not only guarantees exceptional lubrication, but also breaks down naturally without harming our environment.

🚴‍♂️ Maximum Efficiency on Dry Ground

With the contribution of graphene , this lubricant ensures minimal friction, increasing the durability and performance of your chain in dry and dusty terrain conditions. Ensures smooth pedaling and impeccable transmission on every cycling adventure.

🔗 Protect and Extend the Life of your Chain

The innovative graphene blend in our lubricant not only ensures a smooth application, but also actively protects against wear, providing a protective layer that extends the life of your chain and other components.

🔄 Simple App for All Cyclists

For both professional and amateur cyclists, applying the lubricant is quick and easy, ensuring that every link in your chain is perfectly prepared to tackle miles of trouble-free riding.

🛒 Bring Innovation to your Tours

Dare to experience maximum technology with our Biodegradable Lubricant with Graphene, and feel the difference of smooth pedaling and a bicycle that remains in optimal condition for longer.

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Beppe ( da Italy)

I found out about the products on the internet...
I thought they were good,
I like being right!!!